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Ceramic Review Issue 326

March/April 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 326

March/April 2024

Ceramic Review Issue 326


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Our round-up of key stories from the world of ceramics

Anchored in clay
- Jessica Browne

Jessica Browne caught up with James and Tilla Waters to learn more about their practice and the inf luences that have led to their distinctive tableware style


CR’s pick of the crop of current ceramic exhibitions

Potters on Pots:
- Tony Laverick

Tony Laverick shares the background to his practice and the impact a piece of Massier ceramics has had on the development of his making style

The anatomy of time
- Corinne Julius

Clare Twomey has just completed a landmark artwork, the largest of its kind in Mayfair, London. Corinne Julius explores the vision behind the building

A story of craft
- Jane Audas

The largest-ever exhibition in the UK dedicated to Mingei, the Japanese term for folk craft, opens at the William Morris Gallery in London. Jane Audas talks to the curator to discover the history behind the show

Potters Secrets:
- Mandy Cheng

Mandy Cheng’s chosen technique of Nerikomi allows her to create patterns inspired by nature. She tells us more about her making process

Precarious precision
- Colin Martin

After an award-winning year, Colin Martin caught up with Emmanuel Boos to discover the influences and motivation behind his work

One to Watch:
- Kim Witcher

Historical costume-designer turned ceramic artist Kim Witcher shares how mythology inspires her 3D-printed Parian clay sculptures

Curator's Choice:
- Marie-Lise Lahaye

Marie-Lise Lahaye, curator of decorative arts at Réunion des Musées Métropolitains Rouen Normandie, France, has chosen a royal tea service made by the famous Sèvres Manufactory in 1835-37